Engineering Services

At EMD Integration, we offer many customized and standards-driven engineering solutions, both as contractor and as a consultant. Below are some examples of our Engineering Services work for clients.

Contract Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Machine Capability Analysis: EMD was requested to investigate a large piece of capital equipment that had never performed up to expectations and broke down very frequently. EMD sent a team on site to create a 3D model of the system, created general arrangement as well as detail drawings. After the issue was discovered, with the system EMD proposed several solutions and presented them in a clear report. This Engineering study resulted in EMD being awarded a contract to fix the shortcomings of this system. If you have a machine or system that is underperforming contact EMD now to see how we can help you.

Contract Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design Machine Building Custom Mechanical Design

There are many times when contract mechanical design is a huge help to your company, even if this is a service you provide in-house. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • A spike in work load. Although this is a so-called "good problem" to have, it is still a problem. EMD has successfully increased the capacity of in-house teams with seamless integration. Our Designers and Engineers are experienced, passionate and strive to incorporate best practices.
  • A requirement for expertise outside of your typical projects. EMD has helped companies in growth phases where they benefited from our deep experience. Let us reduce your risk on a new project, we can help!

Automation Feasibility Studies

Custom weld cell

In today's competitive global environment, many companies are looking to automation to increase productivity, reduce defects and solve staffing issues. This can be a stressful time for established companies, as they realize they need to change in order to stay competitive - but automation is outside of their core competencies. EMD has successfully studied parts and processes, and evaluated their suitability for automation. EMD employs a "Part Centric" design philosophy, which means we center the automation process around part capability. We evaluate theoretical tolerances, actual tolerances and supplier capability. Many times our studies are the starting point for an automation system. Let us share our many years of experience and guide you through this journey.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA Analysis)

Custom Finite Element Analysis Machine Analysis Stress analysis

The Finite Element Method (FEM), or as it is more commonly known, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), is a powerful tool for determining displacement, stress and strain of parts and assemblies. We have provided this service as part of consulting studies, as well as in the design process for machines and systems we build.

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